Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Papa Molly New Bike.....its a Honda

It seems right what people said about bicycle. You never get enough for just having one bike. After finishing building the lowrider bike...papa molly stumble into this new bicycle.....a red honda motocross bicycle. Hehehehe its not really made by honda japan motor corp. actually just the sticker that said so.....

Here the picture when papa molly first got it

Notice the seat that not screwed well to the body and also the back wheel fender. First thing first, theres some major repairing to do. First was the swing arm. The swing arm was very loose. This makes it hard to ride the bike and makes the chain slip everytime we want to paddle. Second thing was the brake, third the front fork its not straight and many minor reparing jobs.

Luckily papa molly have Mas Priyo to rely on. In three day the bike was in its mint and rideable conditions again. Here the picture with Rakhel as the model

Are they both beautiful? Rakhel never stop asking Papa Molly to ride together everyday. Keep on riding!!!

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