Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Papa Molly New Project : Building a Lowrider Bike (Part 2 - Finish)

After one long week end to another, I eventually finished my new project. Yup, my lowrider bike are now finished. To do so I have to lose sleep this last three weeks. But my sacrifes paid off. There are no better feeling than what i felt riding my bike for the first time.

The fork after I painted it chrome. Yes chrome paint, I choose not to chrome the fork coz I afraid I dont have time clean it up.

Here the seats, simple and classic.

Body painting process.

And finally after compiling all the puzzles, I present you my lowrider bike.
Isn't it a beauty??

Mama Santi even want to make a pose for the bike. But still there some accesory that I have to find.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Rakhel Riding a Lowrider

Well, as old saying, like father like daughter, my lovely rakhel share the same feeling with Papa Molly for lowrider bike. When Papa Molly came to gandaria lowbiker club headquarter in Fatmawati, there's this unfinishied lowrider bike. By the first time Rakhel lays eyes on it, she doesn't want to stop riding it (with me holding the handle bar off course). Here's the picture of Rakhel riding a lowrider. Hopefully Papa Molly can finish the project building lowrider bike so that Rakhel can have her own lowrider bike.

Papa Molly New Project : Building a Lowrider Bike (part 1)

When I was a little boy, my favourite playtime was riding my bike around my neighbour. I can still feel the wind blowing my hair while i'm riding right now. Not only riding it, I also find it amusing to customized the bike as i wanted back then. Thats why i'm planning my new project : BUILDING a LOWRIDER BIKE for me and Rakhel. Why lowrider bike? It's simple, lowrider bike is not just a bike, it presents a personal and free way of life (it's my opinion only). For every lowrider biker, their style and attitude were transcend into their bike. And for that reason I want to build one.

For a start, i spent quality time surfing the web for lowrider bike information and i found tons of it. Here a few pictures of lowrider bike that i think very cool.

Cool ha? But i think i just gonna build a classic lowrider just like this one.

Yes it's purple. It was Rakhel favourite colour anyway. The next step after i've gather lowrider detail information is finding the parts for it. As you see ,I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. And in here there are not many people riding on lowrider. So I have to be creative and innovative to come out with parts availability.

Luckily, for the frame parts, it's not too difficult to find one. I found a 20" lowrider rainbow frame in Pasar Karang Anyar junkyard market in Jakarta Timur. Here's the picture of the frame

Cute isn't it? For the front spring fork, i make connection with Mr. Latief from gandaria lowrider club in fatmawati. He was giving me this fork with twist tensioner unchromed yet Picture below).

It also came with the spring and ring but I haven't take the picture yet. For the tire and rims, i bought it in bicycle shop in Jembatan Lima, Kota. It's a 20" white wall tire and 68 spokes bmx rims. Check it out, it looks very classic.

I'm still looking for the handle bar and seat bar and accesories. Hopefully the bike finish before May, 27 . Ameen