Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Papa Molly New Project : Building a Lowrider Bike (Part 2 - Finish)

After one long week end to another, I eventually finished my new project. Yup, my lowrider bike are now finished. To do so I have to lose sleep this last three weeks. But my sacrifes paid off. There are no better feeling than what i felt riding my bike for the first time.

The fork after I painted it chrome. Yes chrome paint, I choose not to chrome the fork coz I afraid I dont have time clean it up.

Here the seats, simple and classic.

Body painting process.

And finally after compiling all the puzzles, I present you my lowrider bike.
Isn't it a beauty??

Mama Santi even want to make a pose for the bike. But still there some accesory that I have to find.


hamba said...

nice bike...
do you have any contact person or email address for gandaria lowbiker club? thank you.

masbloro said...

mol kok gak di update lagi...
report perjalanan pulkam kemarin dung